Ashley Fennell | Web Designer

Fort Pitt Capital

Fort Pitt Capital


Fort Pitt Capital

Fort Pitt Capital Group Inc. is a privately owned investment manager located in Pittsburgh, PA.  They hired Imagebox to redesign help them with their web presence. While their existing site had great content they were concerned their customers weren’t finding it because of their confusing site structure. In addition to helping them with their site structure they wanted to show that their team has grown over the years and wanted to interject some personality into the site.


User Experience
Web Design
Project Management

Designed while working at Imagebox.



Existing Brand Colors


Fort Pitt capital had a broad and diverse color palette which I narrowed down to a few core colors for the website.


Proposed Web Colors


Homepage Design


Using their colors in prominent places through out the site and a bold font choice added a since of personality to the design that was lacking in the current website. We also wanted to highlight some candid photos in several places to really showcase their team.


Internal Page Template Design & Graphics