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Website Inspiration

As I mentioned in the previous blog post I've been wanting to redesign my website for quite some time now and over that period of time I've collected quite the list of portfolio websites I find myself returning to again and again for inspiration. I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites to share with you.


Ghostly Ferns

So technically they are kinda a collaboration but I freakin' love this redesign. The bright unusual colors, the line work, the topless ghost mascot... seriously what's not to love? I also really feel intune with the language they use on the site. Very friendly and straight forward. No marketing jargin here!


Frank Chimero

I love this website simply because Frank broke free of the grid layout so many designers have for their portfolio (guilty!). I think the grid layout works but I think it's time to start pushing for something more. I'm looking for some new ways to break the grid layout in the next iteration of my website.


Joe Schlaud

A long scrolling website with tons of color. This is a great example of how such a simple website can still have a lot of personality!

These are just the tip of the inspiration iceberg. I've created a handy pinterest board if you would like to take a look at some other sites I fancy and follow along for future additions or add your favorites in the comments below.

PS: If you are in the reading mood Jason Zook (Formerly Jason Sadler, formerly Jason Headsetsdotcom, formerly... eh you get it...) wrote about the struggle of redesigning your own website and gives some helpful advice about narrowing your focus. Read the article here.

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